ZHA with Hive via Zigbee SLR1b

Hi all,
I have a spare SLR1b and SLT3b and would like to ditch my current Hive cloud reliance and move everything to my own HA installation since I find hive problematic, non-flexible and they’ve now blocked my home static IP address (via AWS WAF).
I followed the various guides to pair first the boiler controller SLR1b to my Home Assistant Zigbee Home Automation instance, then paired the SLT3b to it and all looks good. Green light and changing temperature is seen in ZHA and the boiler control turns the relay on and off.

However, leave it for 5-10 minutes and go to the thermostat and click anything, it lights up and shows “No signal”. At the same time the boiler controller shows a solid red light.
They seem to stay like this for a while then randomly will start working again and connect back up (sometimes takes a few attempts), when reconnected the boiler controller goes green again.

I also don’t seem to be able to control them remotely using the states.

If I change target it won’t do anything. You’ll also see current temperature shows 0oC so it’s not receiving the information correctly either.

Has anyone got any tips on what I can look into to diagnose this further, see why it’s dropping and clearly there is a miscommunication between ZHA and the units?

  • Core2023.11.1
  • Supervisor2023.10.1
  • Operating System11.1
  • Frontend20231030.1

Thank you!

This is still happening so i’ve made a few notes:

The hive thermostat seems to keep signal, if I press a button on it, it wakes up shows correct target and current temperature.
The boiler control goes red light solid and switches off the relay. In HA it shows the “Last Seen” when that happened so it appears to be the boiler controller not communicating with Zigbee.

If I change target on the hive thermostat, it seems to wake things back up (not repeatedly though, and changing settings in ZHA don’t seem to wake it back up, despite the temperature changes actually being reflected on the hive thermostat itself), boiler controller goes green switches relay on and ZHA last seen updates and shows correct target.

So, my thinking is, there is a ‘checkin’ event failing somewhere and the boiler controller stops talking to the zigbee gateway ZHA on my HA instance.
How would I go about diagnosing/solving this?

Sadly this is constantly happening.
Today so far I’ve heard/seen it drop from relay on to red only light (it turns relay off) about 10 times, so this isn’t usable for me :frowning:

If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
I’ve tried the temperature change, changing settings automatically in HA and nothing seems to keep it connected long enough to be reliable.