ZHA with SkyConnect crashes after updates Home Assistant and/or Core

Since 2023.07 I do see my Zigbee Home automation crashing on a regular base. I found out that espacially with Home Assistant and Core updates the Zigbee integration does not reconnect to the SkyConnect dongle I use.

Setup thus far:

  • Home Assistant BLUE
  • Skyconnect on USB cable for less interfering
  • ZHA integration
  • Home Assistant 2023.10.5, Supervisor 2023.10.1 and Core 11.1
  • Frontend-version 20231005.0 - latest

I hardly dare to upgrade anymore, since I then need to set backups of ZHA back, the json file and then reconfigure all the Zigbee devices and Automation.
Can someone explain me what might cause this, or is this due to the fact that I use a SkyConnect stick. Was trying to install Zigbee2MQTT to perhaps getting rid of this issue, but Z2M wont’ work proper with the stick at this moment.
So very confused, can’t find a proper solution or direction on the different media I searched for.