[ZHA] Xiaomi EU Zigbee Smart Plugs going 'unavailable' after 2 hours without activity


I started experimenting with ZHA (with the PiZigate hat) and my three Xiaomi Zigbee smart plugs. I successfully paired them through the ZHA integration (I’m running Home Assistant 0.111.4 in docker), I can control the On/Off switch and I get the live power usage.

My issue is, if the power usage stay the same for precisly two hours (for exemple the TV is off and uses 0 W, or a device consumes precisely the same amout of power), then Home Assistant sets the plug to ‘unavailable’ and I can’t turn it on / off again.

Sans titre

In the ZHA integration, if I click “reconfigure device” on the smart plug menu, it comes available back immediatly, but this process cannot be automated.

Is there a way for me to tell Home Assistant to extend the timeout or something else?

Thank you very much for any help :slight_smile: