ZHA Xiaomi Mijia temperature and humidity sensor unavailable after 24 hours

I have added a Xiaomi Mijia temperature and humidity sensor (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B082FC8SF5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) via ZHA to my hassio setup and works fine for about 24 hours before having to remove and re-pair again due to being marked as unknown. This has occured three times now. Additionally the battery status is always unknown

Anyone else encountered the issues or know how to fix this? Would it work better in zigbee2mqtt?

Mine work fine with zigbee2mqtt.

I guess I will try it on zigbee2mqtt but if anyone knows how to fix it on zha it would be greatly appreciated as I have more repeater nodes on that network

You have both a ZHA and a zigbee2mqtt network ? No overlapping channels ?

That could be the problem I guess I have ZHA running on a ConBee and I have zigbee2mqtt (some devices not supported on ZHA) a dongle flashed with the required firmware. All my other devices seem reliable and I set my wifi to run on channel 1 to be well away from 15 but not sure how to change the dongle channels in hassio?

I believe ZHA runs on channel 15 and is not easy to change but the Hassio zigbee2Mqtt plugin config is running on channel 12. Would they be too close to each other?

Both zigbee channel 12 and 15 overlap with Wifi channel 1 :

I see thank you a tone, wireless channels are not something I am familiar with. From the graph I assume I should set my wifi to channel 11 and keep zha on 15 (default) and zigbee2mqtt on 12. Obviously I don’t have control over my neighbours so will have to hope for the best

Does that sound right?

Yes, that sounds better then what you have now.

I’ve added it via zigbee2mqtt and will see if it works at the desired range. If that does not work I will try it again on ZHA now that I have changed wifi channels.

Interrestingly, even on zigbee2mqtt, the battery status is still unknown. Is there any way to bridge the ZHA and zigbee2mqtt networks so they extend each mesh?

Thanks again for all the fast help

I’ve just received mine and configured with zigbee2mqtt. I hope they will last more than 24 hours :slight_smile:

My battery is also showing as unknown… this you solve this isssue?

Also, how did you configure it on your lovalace ui?


I’m not sure how but I’ve checked it back now and the battery and voltage values have appeared!

apparently, can take some time for the sensor to start reporting battery