ZHA - Zigbee device goes unavailable but can see events in logs

I started using zigbee devices recently (using conbee2 with USB extension cable). Very often I see, zigbee devices( Aqara door sensor - which I read is a very common problem with this brand AND sonoff s31 plug) going offline/unavailable and the only to get them back is to re-pair. However, even when they are offline (unavailable), I do see events being fired in the HomeAssistant logbook with message like - “Door sensor Attribute Updated event was fired”. If I open/close the door sensor, event is getting fired and being logged in homeassistant too. So doesn’t it mean that the zigbee device is able to communicate with the conbee adapter. If so, why is it being marked as unavailable in homeassistant? Thanks


I’m having the same problem right now. I just started testing out ZHA with the HA SkyConnect (without the updated firmware for multi-pan).
I finally got a few of these Aqara door sensor’s paired with ZHA (it was struggle at times). Then I was checking something and noticed a door was reporting as open that was closed. I checked the logbook and it had these “Attribute Updated event was fired” messages in the logbook, but wasn’t showing the door opened/closed.

I thought it may be because I renamed/changed some entity IDs and changed them to display as “Door” instead of “Opening”, but maybe they’re just offline?

I tried removing that sensor and re-adding it, but I’m having trouble getting it to pair right now.

Here is another example (different sensor):

After this I enabled the LSI and RSSI entities (before I noticed those values where shown in the Device Info above). After that HA updated and the logbook showed some changes after 4 hours of nothing being logged:

But LQI and RSSI then changed to Unknown:

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I solved this problem by adding a Sonoff Zigbee outlet (S31 Lite) near the devices in question. It would seem that the Aqara sensors didn’t like the other repeater I had (which was a Securifi Peanut Plug). They’ve been working well since.