ZHA Zigbee Groups

Looking in the ZHA Configuration panel, it looks like there might be support for device grouping (i.e. I have 4 zigbee bulbs that I would like to control as ONE unit). I know I can use light.group, but, this actually treats each bulb independently in Home Assistant, which means, when they turn on, if you watch, each bulb comes on one at a time, not all together at the same time.

Does anyone know how to work the group functionality from the ZHA panel? I can’t seem to find any docs and smashing buttons is getting me no where.

Did you ever have any luck? I have the same questions.

I have 5 bulbs in a group and when I turn them on or off, they sort of randomly turn on and sometimes one will be greatly delayed or fail to change.

No luck at all. I imagine it has to do with ZHAs implementation. I use Zigbee2MQTT for any light groups I need as it supports grouping quite well.

Bumping this thread as this is something I’m interesting in as well. @dmulcahey, is this on the ZHA roadmap by chance?