ZHA Zigbee Groups

Looking in the ZHA Configuration panel, it looks like there might be support for device grouping (i.e. I have 4 zigbee bulbs that I would like to control as ONE unit). I know I can use light.group, but, this actually treats each bulb independently in Home Assistant, which means, when they turn on, if you watch, each bulb comes on one at a time, not all together at the same time.

Does anyone know how to work the group functionality from the ZHA panel? I can’t seem to find any docs and smashing buttons is getting me no where.


Did you ever have any luck? I have the same questions.

I have 5 bulbs in a group and when I turn them on or off, they sort of randomly turn on and sometimes one will be greatly delayed or fail to change.

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No luck at all. I imagine it has to do with ZHAs implementation. I use Zigbee2MQTT for any light groups I need as it supports grouping quite well.

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Bumping this thread as this is something I’m interesting in as well. @dmulcahey, is this on the ZHA roadmap by chance?

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same issue here…

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Seems like this is partly fixed in the 0.100 version.
The lights now turn ON synchronized, but when turing OFF the lightgroup, there is still some delay between each light. (The lights are turned OFF one by one)

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I have been struggling with my Ikea Tradfri Zigbee outdoor lights for days now. I have them all paired to my husbzb-1 through the ZHA integration in HA. I can create groups, lightgroups, scenes, scripts etc. On most occasions one or several lights are not responding. I have to fire an event a couple of times, in order for the ingoring devices to also turn on/off. I managed to create a Zigbee group once, in which all devices behaved exactly the way they’re supposed to: consistently and all at once. 100% of the occasions. Now, when adding devices to a Zigbee group, it either keeps spinning the progress indicator or just nothing happens. The Zigbee groups definately seem to be the answer, but the Zigbee groups functionality in the ZHA-integration seems unstable.

Anyone had this experience also? Did someone come accross a fix?

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I personally have found the scene setting seems most stable for me. I have also noticed that frequently the UI will show that a device in a given area that was supposed to turn off/on with others didn’t do what it was supposed to, but when I physically look at the bulb it will actually be in the correct state (e.g. the UI doesn’t register the state change, but it did what it was supposed to). Finally I’ve noticed that I have to be careful wrt to having a device that is subjected to a given command in one automation being a trigger in others. Sometimes I have to have automations temporarily turn off other automations involving similar devices at the beginning of an action sequence and then have it reenable them at the end of the sequence


I have exactly the same problem as User @DReed with the ZHA Groups.

Any solution? Issue reported?


I wrote the following workaround automation, which helps me a lot:

  - alias: Light Group ZHA-Off-Bug
    description: "double switch off big Light-Groups after short delay"
      - platform: state
          - light.eg_wohn_wandleuchten
          - light.eg_flur_licht
          - light.og_bad_licht
          - light.og_tim_stehlampe
        from: "on"
        to: "off"
    condition: []
      - delay:
          seconds: 2.5
      - if:
          - condition: template
            value_template: '{{ states(trigger.entity_id) == "on" }}'
          - service: light.turn_off
              entity_id: "{{ trigger.entity_id }}"
    mode: parallel
    max: 20

Ok I found it.

  1. go to Settings
  2. then Devices & Services Integrations, devices, entities and helpers
  3. Make sure you are at the integrations tab.
  4. click “configure” on the card of your Zigbee Home Automation device
  5. At the top there is a tab “Groups”, click on it
  6. bottom right corner is a button “create group”
  7. create the group with the devices that you want
    (8.) (optional) hide the individual devices that are now grouped.

Hi !

I’m having the option to create/delete a groupe. My ZigBee devices never shows up … any ideas ?

What do you mean by “My ZigBee devices never show up”?
Or just not when creating/modifying a group?

Hi, I have just moved from zigbee2mqtt to ZHA, but when I make a group i ZHA it will not show up as a device i ZHA, and I can’t find under devices.
What to do?
Br Jesper

Never mind, found it as an entites :slight_smile: