ZHA Zigbee Tuya Power Strip TZ3000 - No individual socket control?

Hi, I picked up a TZ3000 (branded as Xenon product in the UK) which has 4 individually controllable sockets + a set of USB ports which can also be turned on/off.

ZHA pairs just fine, and presents 5 individual switch controls, however when turning any one of them on they all turn on/off at the same time.


Not really sure how to troubleshoot this? I have had a look at the clusters etc and notice 5 endpoints under OnOff which looks positive…

Cluster attributes also show on_off which again looks positive…

If I query this attribute I get Bool.true

if I then turn the sockets off and query again it changes to Bool.false

So, I think I have found the correct attributes, and there are 5 endpoints which all seems correct, but how can I get this to control each endpoint individually?

oh also, just to add, if I change the value to Bool.true / false and set the attribute, the plug doesnt do anything

I found a post on hubitat forums where a guy has made a driver, I am guessing that inside this drivers contains the secrets to getting this to work? but I dont really understand it :frowning:

Hubitat/useelink-sm-so301-uz-zigbee-power-strip.groovy at master · RMoRobert/Hubitat · GitHub

That quirk got integrated, if you use the latest stable version it works now.