ZHA Zigbee Visualization

I would like to suggest some alternative visualization of the Zigbee Topology in the ZHA component. Value is large for the user that want to assess the mesh in respect to coverage, peers and link quality.

The data is already available and I believe it would be trivial to implement [for the ones with the skills].

I made two variants that complements the default view (in Tableau, by using the link quality and pair info data from zigbee.db and one or two of the core files in the .storage folder for things like device names and areas)

Two examples to visualize the data differently:

A) Mesh view. Which device pair with which device? (grouped by Area, Colored by the signal quality, Counting the number of peers)

B) Link quality (what quality does each pair have, min and max values; hover over to display which node)

What are your thoughts?

@dmulcahey: I noticed you have done other implementations of visualizing ZHA networks and just quickly had a look on your code. Would you say that https://github.com/dmulcahey/zha-network-card would be a good start if I want to take a stab on this myself? Or any other pointers? BR/Anders

What are you trying to do? I just had a PR merged that adds child tables to the coordinator and the routers when looking at them in the device card. The name of the child and the link quality are what is in the row data.

Sounds great! Then i stay tuned and have a look on that if that gives me the details/overview i want!
Thanks for quick reply!

So you can see what I mean.

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Just added ZHA to my config, already had Zwavejs2mqtt running… Would be nice if there was a structured view or at least a way to turn off the auto spring that is the current visualization.

Tried to move things around to group them better an they all spring back… Would be also nice to have a simple structured pyramid / tree like view of the “best” path for each to clear see how far some devices are out from the controller.

Agreed. The visualization is nice, but sometimes the strength numbers land underneath the devices, and it locks up after dragging. It would be nice to have the table view that ahd71 suggests. The mesh view is better for small networks, but it becomes unwieldy as the network grows, so perhaps the link quality view is to be preferred overall.