ZHC 5010 - configuration of dimming capabilities

Anyone using the ZHC 5010 devices, who knows how to configure them in order to get the dimming capabilities to show up?
I can only get them represented as on/off switches :frowning:

Same here!! :confounded:

I have been trying with this but I get no response at all!

- alias: ZHC_TEST
    - platform: event
      event_type: click
        entity_id: switch.wall_switch_switch_tvstue_n4
    - service_template: >
          title: 'ZHC PB: {{ trigger.event.data.click_type }}'
          message: '@ {{ states.sensor.date__time.state }}'

The notification won’t work like this - but on XIAOMI switch devices a get the click_type printet in the error console - like here: Xiaomi single automation for wireless button g1

Anyone who has the zhc5010 added showing up with dimming capabilities?
It’s ok if you don’t have the solution on how to fix it - but would be nice to know if it’s possible… :slight_smile:

I would also like to know how to configure that.

Do you want to dim a zwave light?

Yes :slight_smile:
I have dimmers connected by direct association and the most logical is to only control those by adjusting the zhc5010 - that will keep them in sync.
I know it is possible, as the implementation of the zhc5010 on Homey by Athom is made this way :slight_smile: