Zibee router with CC2652 chip

Hello !

I’m looking for a place to buy a Zigbee router using CC2652 chip.

All the ones I can find are out of stock :
CC2652R stick - slae.sh (I already have one like this that I used as my Zibee coordinator)
zzh! CC2652R Multiprotocol RF Stick from Electrolama on Tindie
https://tubeszb.com 12

I will start to look for “naked” CC2652 chip from Aliexpress and see if they can be flashed easily with a zigbee router firmware.

Which zigbee router do you use ?

Did you see this?


I did actually.
His online shop is the 3rd link in my first post. :slight_smile:

But like others, out of stock. Plus I’m not sure if he will export overseas to Europe, I did not take time to check as they were not in stock anymore.

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Sigh I’m 0-2 for reading comprehension today. :frowning: Sorry mate! I seriously need more coffee.

I should have more in a few weeks. will know more on timing next week. I will ship to Europe.

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