Zig-ah-zag-ah! sonoff and hassio setup suggestions

Hi all,
I’ve bought some sonoff zigbee mini and the zzh hardware. I’d like to ask some suggestions from more experienced users on their configurations. More specifically I have some questions like:

  • would you recommend to integrate with hassio using zigbee2mqtt or the ZHA? From what I’ve read it seems that zigbee2mqtt is more powerful and enables to create more advanced config, am I missing something?
  • from the zigbee2mqtt page I can see there are 2 firmwares, the coordinator and router. Which one of the 2 it’s needed to flash the zzh to make it working properly with hassio?
  • do you have any gotchas to share where I need to pay extra attention when configuring the zzh together with the sonoff devices?

I’ll answer question #2 myself for future users. It seems that from here it is suggested to use the coordinator firmware and not the router