Zigbee 2 MQTT on an external server

Hello! I am using Zigbee 2 MQTT on another server and MQ is installed on CHAOS. I would like to know how it is correct to specify a broker in Zigbee 2 MQTT in order for the added devices to appear immediately in Home Assistant.

You should be able to point Z2M to your :1883. You’ll also need to provide the username and password setup in the MQTT addon.

Your config should look like this:

  base_topic: zigbee2mqtt
  server: mqtt://
  user: ha_mqtt
  password: 123412341234

I have tried that, but the new devices still do not appear in my HA.

Did you add the mqtt integration ?

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Have you looked at the MQTT logs or used something like the MQTT tool to see what traffic (if any) is being passed?

But there are no Zigbee 2 MQTT devices in the MQTT integration

Show your Zigbee2MQTT configuration. I use an external Zigbee2MQTT too, never had problems.