Zigbee 3.0 to Ethernet bridge/gateway (wired not WiFi) inexpensive DIY project for ZHA

FYI @tube0013 is has posted some information about his inexpensive yet very powerful and flexible Zigbee to Ethernet bridge/gateway DIY project for the ZHA integration in Home Assistant.

I think that what makes this project interesting is that it is based on the inexpensive yet powerful WT32-ETH01 (Wireless-Tag) ESP32 board so it supports wired Ethernet instead of only WiFi. That choice of hardware and the idea of a simple serial to IP server to make ZHA access the Zigbee module over the network makes the solution very versatile.

You do not need to use the same Zigbee module as his project as the WT32-ETH01 bridge really only acts as a serial console server you should be able to replace the Zigbee module part with any other zigpy compatible serial radio module as long as you can flash it with a zigpy compatible firmware know its TX/TXD and RX/RXD ports + power and ground.

More advanced users will probably in the future also be able to replace the ESPHome firmware for the ESP32 with any other ESP32 firmware when they add support WT32-ETH01 and its Ethernet chip (like maybe Tasmota, ESPurna, ESPEasy, or ESP-LINK), as long as they feature serial console server functionality.

In fact, you should also use this solution for any other serial device/module and not just Zigbee modules. You could use a similar setup for Z-Wave, RF, Bluetooth, etc. devices/modules and enjoy a stable wired Ethernet connection.


Thanks for Posting here @Hedda

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People who ask for PoE (Power over Ethernet) support might be interested to also check out this TTGO POE Board by LILYGO for ~$16 US:


LILYGO TTGO Internet-POE V1.0 has ESP32 WROOM 32 board + LAN8720A Ethernet chip +Si3404 power management chip (and looks to use galvanic isolation design) + TF SD card slot. It also looks to have an onboard USB-C port for powering the board when not wanting to use the PoE function for power. The downside is that the board require an external programmer (“downloader board”) for flashing the first time:


Andreas Spiess has a detailed video about it in which he recommends also getting at least one Downloader board for flashing if order it:


He has also posted his example ESP32 Ethernet ETH PHY LAN8720 prototyping code for LILYGO TTGO POE Board on GitHub:


Olimex also has two new ESP32 POE development boards called ESP32-POE and ESP32-POE-ISO sold for about $18 and $25 respectively. Unlike the TTGO POE Board by LILYGO, the Olimex has an older Si3402 PoE chip and is not galvanically isolated but it does however feature an integrated programmer:


That LILYGO TTGO POE Board looks like a lot of hardware today for only ~$16 US and would rather buy that if it has galvanic isolation.

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I’ve been running this now in my production HA environment with 125+ devices for over 2 weeks. It has been rock solid. No serial disconnects either. DM me if anyone is interested in one.

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Bumping this as @tube0013 posted more on GitHub and are now also selling preassembled gateways.



He makes two variants; one Silicon Labs EFR32 Series 2 and one Texas Instruments CC2652P based:

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I’m interested in your Ethernet to Zibee bridge. how much are you looking for? is all the source code available?

Source and bin files for esphome/ gerbers, BOM / Case STLs:https://github.com/tube0013/tube_gateways


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When you gonna have the 2652 based coordinators available again? I’m looking to make the ZHA to zigbee2mqtt move and love the idea of ethernet based and supporting a forum member at the same time.

Thanks man. Definitely by this weekend. I set up a Twitter feed to announce when I add inventory
https://twitter.com/tubesZB as kind of an opt in when want out when you want notification

Err not this weekend as I forgot I used the last of my pcb boards, more are enroute to me but still a few days out. Will be rolling out the PoE version though this weekend for sure.

Looks like awesome work done by tube on those new PoE (Power over Ethernet) gateways/bridges!





Any one have try this module yet. it interesting to have a powerful Linux based zigbee gateway that can do more thing in additions on the same box using Linux as main OS.


Hi Tube,
An Ethernet / PoE coordinator is exactly what I need. If I got two, I could finally dump SmartThings.
Any idea when they might be available again?

I will have some possibly at the end of this week if not then it will be the week of June 19th. My order of zigbee modules just shipped from China today, (won’t have tracking until tomorrow). I leave for a week of vacation on Monday. So depends on when they arrive.

I’ll post stock updates as I add them to twitter here https://twitter.com/tubeszb

Thanks, Tube. That’s great. I am in no hurry.
I am not on twitter, but I will keep an eye on your store.

Can you please update on here as well when the boards are in?

Okay will do.

New Inventory is up!

They went fast!

PoE models are gone already? I check the store every evening, and I still missed them.

Can I pre-order a couple?