Zigbee 6-button switch

Hi !
I buy ZigBee 3.0 Wireless 6 Push Button and I successfully installed the switch via Zigbee Hub to Tuya.
In Home Assistant i see this new device, but without any entities.
How can i use this switch for automation ?
If i try to make automation, triger add device this switch, all is empty. I can’t do anything.
Any advice ?

If you are using ZHA, you will need to use the Developer Tools - Event Tool to monitor for the zha_event created when each button action is performed. You may want to do a search of the Blueprint topic on this forum that includes your device’s make and model… someone may have already done the work of figuring out the events and shared it there.

I dont use ZHA, for now. This means i need USB zigbee donkey or i can use my zigbee gateway ?

I’ve never used the Tuya integration or their zigbee hub. You can still try the Event tool. If you use * as your event type to listen for, it will show all events. You would then need to sort through them to see if there are any related to your button presses.

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