Zigbee 8 Button Wall Controller Advice needed

Evening all,

I am probably being stupid but I have just brought 2x 8 button controllers Vesternet Zigbee Wall Controller - 8 Button and I have paired them to Home Assistant through Sky Connect but when I try to create automations using Device as Trigger the only options I get for them are “Device Offline” / “battery level changes” and “identify has been pressed”.

With the other type of controller I had it lists all the different actions/buttons so not sure why I am missing.

When I go into the device page and I press a button I can see events fired:

Bed Switch On event was fired

19:19:32 - Now

Bed Switch Off event was fired

19:19:11 - 21 seconds ago

Bed Switch Move With On Off event was fired with parameters: {'move_mode': 1, 'rate': 50}

19:13:58 - 6 minutes ago

Is anyone able to advice please? Thanks.

Perhaps you need a blueprint:-