ZigBee AM 43 and HUSBZB-1 how to put together

Hi all.
I am trying to automate ZigBee Smart DIY Motorized Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor using Home assistant with GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub installed.
I use ZHA for Zigbee devices. The device appeared in the devices list, but it doesn’t have any actions in “Action” menu for Automations, so , no ways to control it. The solution in https://github.com/binsentsu/am43-ctrl is not working as it is a Zigbee device and Zigbee2mqtt is not compatible with HUSBZB-1. Please, give me an idea how combine Zigbee AM43 drive, HUSBZB-1 and Home Assistant to make it push Up and Down buttons. Thank you very much!

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