Zigbee and networkmap issue - no non-router devices attached to routers

The image explains best. The non-router (battery) devices like xiaomi, philips hue switches etc. are not attached to any router of coordinator in de drawing. All devices work, there is just no lines.

I am running zigbee2mqtt edge and the latest CC2530 + CC2591 firmware 1.2

I have some devices that don’t have lines, but work. The network map is not so accurate.

This is probably a dumb question, but how did you generate that network diagram?

Is that a zigbee2mqtt thing? I’m using a Zigbee USB adapter directly, so I wouldn’t have that.

For zigbee2mqtt there are several ways. There is a custom component in HACS, you can use the add-on zigbee2mqtt assistant, or publish a message to mqtt and copy the answer in webviz.

This question is: Is it actually the network map, or the data coming from zigbee2mqtt which is not accurate?

The data from zigbee2mqtt is not so reliable. Check the zigbee2mqtt forum.

I guess my question really was: Is there any way for those of us NOT using zigbee2mqtt?

I don’t know. I only use zigbee2mqtt.

There is a variant of the ZHA component by Yoda-X called ha-zha-new, but it requires his version of bellows and zigpy. It has a script that will generate a network map.

I have hacked on his changes to the mainline bellows and zigpy to generate a neighbours list, and have been playing with d3js to generate a diagram. I’m hoping I can contribute it back into the mainline code but it’s not ready for primetime.