Zigbee and they way it connects

I am about halfway through the move from ST to HA, so far loving this solution, just brilliant.

However I have a silly question, I understand that Zigbee devices if they are mains powered can be used as repeaters across the network, and I have noticed that you can set up a new ZigBee device by clicking in HA, add device via this device.


The question is, if the new device is a distance from the controller is this recommended, or will the system find the “best route” so to speak.

I understand that Zigbee is in constant flux, but during a new adding, what is the best practice?

Thanks in advance.

It depends on the end device.

Xiaomi’s Zigbee 1.2 devices will connect via the first device they hear, even if they they hear a better signal immediately after. For those you want to use the option to pair them via a router that’s well placed. They won’t ever change their connection to the mesh. The newer Zigbee 3.0 devices don’t have these problems.

Other brands will vary, but for Zigbee 1.2 devices it’s certainly worth trying.

That depends on the device. I have Aqara Door, Motion, Temp and Vibration sensors, all 1.2 spec versions. They are all very “sticky” but will all eventually change routers if forced.

The Door is the stickiest, I’ve only seen it change when the router it is attached to loses power, and then you have to be very, very patient, it may take 8+ hours. The other devices seem to change routers pretty readily if their currently selected router loses power, and I have seen them voluntarily migrate to a different router.

Still, I agree they are not good about choosing what they connect to and should initially be paired to a good candidate.

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