Zigbee aqara and other going offline

I have a lot of aqara stuff going offline( and not going online anymore until repairing). Found some topics here but not really a solution…
Have some automations depending on them, so it is more ore less fucked up…
Can somebody help me ?

I recently had this happen with one Aqara temperature sensor. I found to get it to stop needing repaired to the network, I had to fully factory reset the sensor.

For me, holding in the button for way longer than the 15 or so seconds needed to make it discoverable. At about the 30 second mark it gave one tiny flash on it’s LED. Then I rejoined it to the network and it has been fine since.

How long did they work for you? My personal experience with aqara stuff is that some do and some don’t work for longer periods. I just bought new ones for the ones that didn’t work for longer periods.

I had problems with disconnecting devices too too. Even with good routers near, and even while trying to pair them through an adjacent router. All the other things from the Zigbee troubleshooting tips too.

It feels like a bug because pairing always works, but the connection never restores on its own.

The thing that seems to have fixed it for me on ZHA (and also for a disconnecting Hue outdoor motion sensor) is adding this parameter:


It is lowering security, but I’m not that worried about it on my Zigbee network because there’s not much worth hacking in the mesh.

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I think it was maybe half a year ok …

It could also be interference from wifi have you checked the ZigBee channel and the wifi (2.4ghz) around the dropping devices?

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I think that did the trick… I’ll see at the end of the week if its ok. Thanks

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