Zigbee backup/migration


I am planning to wipe and restart my HA setup from scratch. Is there a way I can backup current Zigbee setup and migrate once I have the new HA setup running? I know you can do this with z-wave (Z-Wave Configuration Migration) and was wondering if there is a way to do it with zigbee. Would I be able to use zigbee.db or won’t work?

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It really is as simple as moving the specified ZHA database file over to the fresh install and ensuring the your configuration.yaml points to it correctly. Zigbee is a lot more forgiving than Z wave in terms of restoring configurations.

It sounds like pretty straight forward. Just to confirm, I need to backup and copy over the zigbee.db and configuration.yaml points to the correct location? No other files needed to be backup?

You’ll want to copy all of your config files over. Make a copy of the entire directory and restore it once you reinstall. That’s the easiest way. If its the same hardware and setup, theoretically there would be no additional steps to make anything work after that.

did you solve it