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Z-Wave Configuration Migration


What is the best way to migrate z-wave settings from one instance of Home Assistant to another? Due to the deprecation of Python 3.4 support in my production version of Home Assistant. I’m doing a clean Hassbian installation and migrating my current configuration files to it. I’ve completed most of the migration work but I’m unclear on how to address my z-wave devices. Should I remove the existing nodes from my production instance and add each of them to my new instance? Or is there a cleaner method? Thanks.

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Pretty much:

  1. Shut down both Home Assistant installs
  2. Back up your current configuration - paying particular attention to zwcfg*.xml. If you set the network key in options.xml you’ll need that file, and if you set the network_key in your Home Assistant configuration, you’ll need that key.
  3. Copy zwcfg*.xml, and set your network_key in your new install
  4. Pull the USB stick from the old system and insert it into your new one
  5. Start up the new system

That’s it. The devices are linked to the controller, so follow it. Information about the devices is in the zwcfg*.xml file. The only other thing is the network key, without which any devices you used a Secure inclusion for won’t work. That’s kept in either options.xml (old approach) or the zwave: section of your configuration.yaml (new approach).

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Z-Wave migration completed successfully. Thanks @Tinkerer for the help.

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Is that still the right way to backup/migrate the Z-Wave config with 0.69?
I don’t see any zwcg*.xml files, where are they?


Never mind… Found the file! I should have been more patient. Thanks for the tip!