Zigbee battery powered switch sensor/continuity tester

So I need a battery powered switch->zigbee sensor unit for my own external switch (a pressure mat in this circumstance) not some built in switch.

This seems like a not uncommon requirement, but I cannot find either any previous posts, or any immediately capable hardware. The only solution I have so far is to pull apart a Sonoff ZNZB-01 and solder connectors across the surface mount mini-switch on that board, wired to the remote switch. But that is pretty fiddly, and likely to go wrong: I don’t have surface mount soldering gear and have a tremor!

Can any more experienced hackers advise any better solutions to this? I expect this is not the only time anyone will want one (but could be wrong).

Oh - and why zigbee? - mainly for compatibility with existing setup and battery low-power requirement.

Thanks all.

Some Googling turned up this project, which looks very similar to your own: How to build the easiest Zigbee chair occupancy sensor. The author wires a car seat pressure sensor to an Aqara water leak sensor, which has conveniently exposed contacts.

Seems like a good no-soldering solution.

Well, I am embarrassed that my hours of search were bettered by your speedy search and response! :slight_smile: I certainly failed to find that site, or the product.


It also occurred to me that the door sensor might expose the switch a little more as the reed switch needs positioning at the edge. I have bought one and will check that.

I will push ahead and implement a solution, and report back the outcome for the record,