Zigbee Beginner questions

I bought 4 Zigbee battery devices (2 Aqara water leak Sensors and 2 magnetic valves for water).
In Addition to this I purchased the Sonoff Zigbee Stick for my Home Assistant.
Some of my devices are far away from my HomeAssistant.
So I got an Aqara Plug and another Phillips Hue Plug (caus its Not that big AS the Aqara).
I Hope those plugs will Act AS Router and extend my Zigbee range.
The question is, do my battery devices Connect with those plugs automatically? Or is there anything I should do?
And do those plugs have to be turned on to expand my range? Or do they also Act as a Router If theyre turned Off?

The Aqara sensors definitely need to be re-paired. They won’t find a new route automatically. Not sure about the others.

The plugs need power applied but their output does not have to be turned on.

As long as they have power they’ll extend the mesh, if you cut power to them then like any other electronics it won’t work. The device plugged into them doesn’t need to be receiving power though.

The general rule of thumb is that:

  • Xiaomi Zigbee 1.2 devices won’t
  • Other Zigbee 1.2 devices may or may not (there’s not a central list of well behaved devices)
  • Any Zigbee 3.0 devices may (including Aqara’s E1, T1, and P1 ranges)

In any case, a device may take up to 24 hours to notice that there’s other route options, and even then if they’re “happy” with their current connection may not change parent. It’s entirely reasonable that you’ll notice no change in how your devices route.

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Im kinda Sure my Aqara water leak Sensor and the magnetic valves are Zigbee 3.0.
However, tomorrow I just pair the plugs and wait another day.
If my batterydevices with bad connection dont pair to one of the plugs, Ill repair them.

Thanks for your answers!

Remember if you do that not to just re-pair, but to pair them through a specific router.

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Valves - Maybe. Leak sensor - No.

See → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

And → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#best-practices-to-avoid-pairingconnection-difficulties

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Everythings works fine now, after just plugin the two plugs and an extension cable to my sonoff stick (before it was directly on my HA).
And many thanks for the links!

Hi Florian, good your problem got solved!

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Hey Nick.
Thanks for the reminder.
In the future, Ill do this without any further notice needed.

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