Zigbee blind unresponsive after firmware update (Zigbee2MQTT)

I updated my Ikea Fyrtur blind yesterday OTA with Zigbee2MQTT as was showing an update and it doesn’t want to respond…

I’m seeing that it’s communicating in the logs, but utilising either the Zigbee2MQTT or Home Assistant interface has no result and the blind is totally unresponsive

2023-06-20 08:56:05Received Zigbee message from 'Study Blind (Ikea Fyrtur)', type 'commandCheckIn', cluster 'genPollCtrl', data '{}' from endpoint 1 with groupID 0

I’ve tried a restart of Home Assistant and pulling the battery on the blind (to no avail), but now a bit unsure of next troubleshooting steps - any suggestions?

I’d try re-pairing it. Just reset the blind and put it back in pairing mode. Enable join in Z2M. Had an Ikea blind do the same thing.

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Had hoped there might be another way but will give it a try tomorrow

You don’t need to remove the device from Z2M and it’ll slot back into the same existing device/entities. You’ll just have to set the closed position again (assuming they’re like the TREDANSEN where you have to do a double tap to set the “closed” position).

Thanks - did the job :slight_smile:

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If you wouldn’t mind, would you mark my response as the solution? Trying to bump up my street cred :sunglasses:

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