ZigBee Bluetooth interference - More kind of a report

Hi there!

I am currently setting up Home Assistant to track some data with InfluxDB and visualize it with Grafana but mainly to use make our old stupid oil heating a bit more smart. (Till we replace it by something more environmental friendly).

As I am a vivid Mac OS lover (also use Windows and Linux as well, but every tool for their purpose) I am spoiled by the nice usability of the Magic Mouse. Scrolling during reading is a must have feature for me! :smiley:

I bought some Xiaomi room temperature, hummidity, air pressure sensors and Danfoss Ally thermostats to regulate our radiators. As my Home Assistant installation runs in a VM on Proxmox on an old desktop computer in the cellar (for now), I needed some ZigBee routers to extend the range. I went for IKEA TRÅDFRI, as I don’t have any wired ZigBee devices yet.

Pairing the routers, two Xiaomi sensors, spreading them out in the house between my office in the second floor and the server in the cellar, … my Magic Mouse felt like wading through mud. Scrolling was jumpy, mouse movement delayed, clicking not always possible. In short: unusable.

For testing and tinkering around I had one router directly next to my desk and one Danfoss Ally on my desk. To test it, I moved the router two rooms away and the thermostat to the opposite corner of the room, where the radiator is located. And you guessed it: The Magic Mouse did work ok again. But not as good as before.

Obviously (against common wisdom) ZigBee influences Bluetooth.

I read about BT frequency hopping and WiFi and ZigBee channels. Set my WiFi to channel 6, ZigBee to channel 24 so they are far away. I also have a little photography studio in the garage for product photography. I plan to set the trigger and receivers WiFi channel to 1 when I use it again. It should be the optimum I can get utilizing the 2.4GHz channel.

Also we live in a semi remote house. Next neighbors are at least 100 meters away, with a little hill in between.

I really don’t know what I could do more, as the current situation is far from perfect. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your input.

Adding some findings: I should have tested before posting. But maybe it will help somebody else now.

This graphical representation of ZigBee WiFi channels helps to choose the different channels for the networks. It had been my reference for the decision which ZigBee and WiFi channels to choose.

As I got the severe lag with my Magic Mouse, I just switched the channel layout now.
ZigBee to channel 11. The lower end of the 2.4 GHz Range
WiFi to channel 11. Close to the upper end of the 2.4 GHz Range
Keeping WiFi channel 6 for the strobes.

For now it seems to work fine.

Once again the german proverb had been right:
“Probieren über studieren!” or “Proof is the pudding…”

Edit: had been happy too early. Again wading through the molasses. :confused:

Happy Automation