Zigbee bulb recommendations for minimum brightness

I currently have some lifx bulbs in the bedrooms which I also use as bed lamps at 1% brightness.

I have many zigbee bulbs from osram, IKEA and sengled. All these are pretty bright at 1%. From what I can see they barely make any difference below 10%.

Are there any zigbee bulbs available in the market which can actually be set to 1% brightness? I am looking for some which can act as zigbee repeaters.

What is your LIFX model?

I found that older LIFX Gen2 bulbs (pre-HomeKit) would go quite dim while my current ones are about the same as my Zigbee bulbs (Hue and IKEA) and indeed fairly bright for night lights.

Using a low Kelvin setting can help.

I have three of these bought in 2017. Still work great. The colours are great compared to Osram and Lightify bulbs I have and they can go very dim.

Right, that is the Gen2 model which I also used. I replaced them with more recent models to get rid of connectivity problems and I still miss the old low-light performance. I don’t think you will find current lights which will go as dim.

With technology getting better with each generation these days, not sure why the manufacturers had to go down this path. But it’s unfortunate good bulbs like these are not available anymore.

To make more money! Build them cheaper and sell them more expensive → MOAR PROFIT!

I am using these hue bulbs at the moment for my bedroom lamps and the corner lamp in my lounge room tied together with the circadian lighting integration and they do get nice and dim at night.

For that price, I would expect that they work well!

next week will be 3 months since getting them setup and using them, but so far they have been doing well with my motion sensors and the integration as well as the bed occupancy sensor in my setup. I looked at reviews for them and the govee ones as well as others usually recommended and the hue ones fit the checklist for overall best option for the price.

Also of note, you only need a hue account if you need to handle firmware updates; they work stand alone directly via zigbee otherwise at this time with all functions intact.

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Thanks very much for the info. Do you know if these work with ZHA? The link above only shows Z2M support.

Yes they work with ZHA as I am using them through my skyconnect with it.

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Just had a look on Amazon. In UK the colour ones are listed for £65 and the white ambiance ones are £39. Kind of prohibitive for me at the moment. Will wait for better deals during the holiday season.