Zigbee Bulb / scripts and automation issues

Running Hass on an esxi server
HUSBZB-1 usb controller
Sengled Zigbee RGB bulbs
Hass is completely up to date
TP Link Wifi Switches

I have 6 can lights in my living room with a TP Link switch and 2 exterior lights on a dumb switch all with the above Sengled bulbs.

I have a couple of scenes setup for my living room lights:
Scene 1) all lights 75% bright
Scene 2) all lights 25% bright

I have scripts set up to each as well that ensure the TP Link switch is turned on and then activates the scene of choice.

My issue is, sometimes I’ll hit one of the scripts and some of the lights will turn on to the appropriate brightness with one or more turn on to the previous brightness. Sometimes it takes multiple runs of the script for all of the bulbs to go to the right setting.

As for the exterior lights, I have an automation set to turn them on at sunset. Every time one of them (not always the same one) doesn’t come on. Yet Hass says it IS on. If I turn it off and back on in Hass, the bulb comes on. I went outside today, manually hit execute on my automations and they worked fine…

Thoughts? Bad bulbs? Bad USB?