Zigbee button vs switch? Convert button to switch?


I have 2 zigbee devices. They are both round clicky-clacky devices. They are from different manufacturers. Both manufacturers call them Zigbee buttonsof course.
One can send these events:

  • Single click - off
  • Double click - on

Another one is a bit more fancier:

  • Single click - value 0,
  • Double click - value 1
  • Long press - some other value which is irrelevant.

HA of course understands the first one as a switch and adds a toggle next to it in web UI.
But the second one in HA is a button, and no toggle web UI element is assigned to it.

So first one can be triggered via HA web UI, or even HA android app widget as an on/off switch, but the second can not.

Is there any way to convert a button to a switch and have same representation of it in web UI (I do not mind at all that long press value to be ignored completely).


Create a template switch