Zigbee CC2531 stops respnoding, coud it be over its max capacity?

Hi guys.

I have HA installed on a raspberry pi with a Zigbee dongle (CC2531) with custom hardware. I have many (45) devices paired to it, most of them are Aqara and some hue bulbs. It was working flawlessly until today. Yesterday I added two new temperature sensors and one new relay.

Today when I checked the heating because I felt cold, I was confused because it didn’t start to heat, and it turned out the relay was not connected (blinking light) as every other component of the mesh. After a server reboot (HA reboot didn’t work) it started working again, but just for a while. A second reboot fixed it again, but I’'m not sure for how long, and I can’t have a heating system that can fail at this time of winter (South America).

So I have many questions, and I hope someone can help me out.

did I overflow the dongle? is there a capacity?
is there a way to debug what is happening to ti?
is there an automation I can write to help me figure this out before we freeze (IE telegram message, autoreboot, etc) ?



I found my own answer on

sorry yo bother.