Zigbee Channels

Hi there.

I’m running Hassio(latest) on Rpi4 with Zigbee2mqtt(1.8.0) ad-on and everything is working just amazing! I’m using the default channel 11 for sensors Aquara and IKEA.

I have bought some motion sensor from Konke recently. And I know it’s not running at 11 channel but 15/20/25. I was able able to pair the sensor when I changed the channel to 25, but than I was not able to pair new aquara sensor and also the sensor paired before was missing.

Any advice for setup using both channels? Or there Is other way.? I don’t know buy another gateway?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matyas,
quite long time but did you manage to make ikea sensor to work at channel 25?
if yes, you would mind sharing the fix?
I also have a couple Konke sensors and because of them I also have to run my zigbee network at another channel, not on 11 as per default… in my case I setup the 15 channel.
all aquara sensors (movement, temperature and contacts) I have (more than 30 total) paired sweet and easy…
the ikea bulbs also paired but ikea movement sensors did not…
at first they add to network, quite easy, and then remove themselves… and keep going ON and OFF on network for a long time ending up for be removed from network… I’ve never experienced nothing like this before…
these 3 ikea sensors have worked fine before at channel 11 and at channel 20, always without ikea gateway.
If anybody could help, deeply appreciated :slight_smile:

Antonio Santos

Dear Antonio.

I use just channel 15 for all zigbee devices ikea and Konke. And it works fine for me. Maybe u need to repair devices. But it works.

Sometimes konke(PIR) is not responding and I need to remove battery and put it back. Later on I start to use sonoff PIR zigbee sensor. They are small and works just great.

Good luck