Zigbee Co-ordinator Port Assignment

I seem to recall, but I may be wrong, when I added my zigbee co-ordinator for the first time, quite a while ago, I had to somehow assign the port of my NUC that I was attaching it to.

I want to move it from the USB front port to one on the rear but I’m wondering if I have to make any code changes anywhere to support this.

Can anyone please advise?

Are you using ZHA or something else?

Yes, I’m using ZHA.

It depends on the path you used. If you used the /dev/serial/by-id/... path then you’ve nothing to worry about.

If you used the /dev/ttyACM* path then maybe it’ll be a problem as when you reconnect it it may go from ttyACM0 to ttyACM1.

This is what’s in my hardware settings:
Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 11.22.06

So then it seems you have nothing to worry about.

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Not true. That’s showing at the system level whats attached to usb0 not what ZHA is using.

You need to look at whatever ZHA is using… Im sorry I use z2M so I don’t know exactly where to check inside ZHA.

If ZHA also lists the device by id like above you’re fine. If it lists something like ttyacm0 you need to change to the last bg by-id path instead.

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I can’t see any settings/data within ZHA that mentions it but I’ve noticed in hardware settings it also states:

Subsystem: tty
Device path: /dev/ttyUSB0

Not sure if this is helpful?