Zigbee color loop via Wink?

This may not be the right category, as it’s pretty specific to the Wink integration, but I don’t see a place for that… please feel free to move it if I’ve stuck it in the wrong place.
New to Home Assistant. I have a Wink 2 hub and a Hue gen1 hub. Currently using hassio in a hyper-V VM, with the hue and wink integrations. (I have a HUSBZB-1 on the way that I might switch to, but we’ll see, that’d be another story altogether…)
I have 3 hue bulbs connected to the hue hub, and making those color loop is as easy as sending effect: colorloop in a light.turn_on envelope, so that’s cool…
But connected to the Wink, I have 11 OSRAM/Sylvania Lightify RGBW bulbs, and I’d like to be able to color loop those too.
I found this line in a smartthings groovy file that seems to indicate these bulbs implement and would obey this zha command:

However, I’m not getting the impression that one can actually send commands through the Wink hub; it seems like it’s just a commonized wink functionality API that doesn’t really expose any of that. (In fact, they don’t even seem to obey transition seconds, they just boop really fast to a new color)
Is that the case, or is there any way for me to use Wink to make these bulbs go into a color loop?

If you can’t do it via the Wink app officially then it can’t be done via the Wink API which means Home Assistant can’t do it. I haven’t used Wink in a long time, but if this is something they support now then we can look in to adding it as an option in HA.

Nah, the Wink app doesn’t have anything even remotely like that. That’s what I figured, but I thought I should check. I’ll just have to wait for the zigbee stick and try to get them working directly with HA. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: