[Zigbee] Comparison of Sirens

Hi, If like me, you looked for a Zigbee siren, you realized that there were few models on the home automation market.
I carried out 5 Feedback on 5 models and a summary comparative table.

I hope this can be useful to you.
Do not hesitate to suggest other models that I can test or to give me your comments.


Nice, though suggest add information if are mains-powered, battery-operated, or both, and if support using combination of mains-power power-adapter and rechargeable battery/batteries for backup (UPS).

By the way, many Zigbee smoke alarm devices can also double as a serien if they have support for such melodies/melody too, but it is then of course not ideal if only battery-powered as sirens drain the power.

Anyway, if using for an alarm system (like Alarmo) then want batteries as option as if thief/burglar cuts the power. (If so then also want an Uninterruptible Power Supply / battery to the Home Assistant appliance):

Also spotted this Tuya “Outdoor Siren” (waterproof) model with added solarpanel charging on Aliexpress:


It’s the Neo model, I’m going to test it NEO - Sirène intelligente extérieure Zigbee Tuya (+ panneau solaire)
Someone there ?

Yes please consider testing that one as well if possible.

Note that this here is an English-only speaking forum.

seen and modified, thank you!