Zigbee compatible Hardware

Its early days for me with home automation. I have a Raspberry Pi running Hass.io, a handful of smart switches of various makes, a few smart bulbs plus a few Xiaomi Mi sensors I’m currently playing around with. I’ve decided I’d like to go down the Zigbee route and have bought and setup a ConBee II, so I’m now looking at buying Zigbee enabled devices and I’m putting a list together of different makes available in the UK or that will work in the UK but bought from elsewhere (China probably).

Osram Smart+
Ledvance Smart+
Philips Hue
Ikea Tradfri
Samsung SmartThings
Xiaomi Mi
Sengled Element

Can anyone add any more to my list?
Give any advice on any to avoid!
I’m looking at the budget end of the market so will probably end up avoiding Philips Hue

This is a good list of devices - it may be for Zigbee2MQTT, but it’s still a handy list, and they should work fine if you use zha or deCONZ.

I would suggest avoiding Osram - others have reported (and I have experienced) them dropping off the mesh randomly.

I’ve had good luck with the Xiaomi Aqara devices, but they’re known to be picky about the devices they route through.

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