Zigbee connection fails when adding integration in HA

I have a RPI 4B with a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB antenna as controller. Everything worked fine previously, but my configuration got lsot and I have an issue reconfiguring it againa.

I have docker with HA, Mosquitto and Zigbee2MQTT.

All containers seem to run fine and Zigbee2MQTT works fine, as I can connect to the frontend and see my zigbee devices.

The only issue I have is the integration with HA.
Adding MQTT works, but it doesn’t show my devices I can see in zigbee2mqtt.

Adding the Zigbee integration in HA fails. It proposes to connect to /dev/ttyUSB0, which I modify, as my Sonoff is at /dev/ttyUSB1. But neiter port and setting (software, hardware,…) doesn’t make any connection.

Where should I look to get the zigbee integration working in HA again?

You only have one dongle, and Zigbee2MQTT is running. So adding ZHA will fail, because the dongle is already in use.

Ok, that makes sense, but how do I get my zigbee devices in HA? is that by adding MQTT only ?

Then I have another issue, since zigbee2mqtt shows my zigbee devices, but after adding MQTT to HA, no zigbee devices become visible

What version of HA and Zigbee2MQTT are you on ?

HA Core: 2024.5.2
Zigbee2MQTT: 1.37.1 commit: ea39d86

That combination should work. Did you add the MQTT integration (and not just the MQTT add-on) ?

I have added the integration, which seems to be ok. I have a feeling that the communication between MQTT (Mosquitto) and Zigbee2MQTT needs attention.

Zigbee2MQTT won’t start without a MQTT connection.

Did you enable HA integration ?

That did the trick, thanks. It wasn’t enabled.