Zigbee Controller for 1-channel 12V CCT LED strip?

Hello all. I have multiple 12V LED strips (pre-installed in various lights) that are dimmable and dual-white (CCT, the warmth of white can be adjusted). All these LED strips are connected to controllers/drivers that only have remote controls or proprietary apps, no Zigbee :frowning:

I am looking to replace these controllers with Zigbee drivers/controllers, but I am unable to find any that would be suitable for a 1-channel CCT LED strip. By 1-channel I mean I have 2 wires: (+) and (-). All controllers I have seen (and even ordered and tried) so far, have 3 outputs: (+), CW, WW. So I can dim the LED strip, but I am unable to change the warmth of white, it is always stuck on warm white.

I’ve spent hours and hours researching how 1-channel CCT LEDs work (Digitally addressable lighting interface - DALI) and searched for controllers, but found nothing :frowning: Would anyone be so kind to put me on the right track?

Maybe ESPHome can do the trick for you?
I’m not completely sure what LED strips you use, but there are a lot of options.
For example:

I finally found the solution! I was only able to find a single driver on the market that can control a 2-wire CCT LED with Zigbee, the MiBoxer LC2-ZR. I was able to connect it to my Philips Hue app and control the lights from there! :partying_face:

Actually I am so happy with it, I ordered 4 more of those and I am replacing all my “dumb” LED lights with remote controls to use this driver instead so it’s all integrated in HA and I can throw out those annoying remotes.

Does it work with ZHA?

I haven’t tried connecting it to ZHA directly, since I wanted it on my Philips HUE app, so I connected it to the Hue app through the hub first. But I cannot see why not - it uses standard Zigbee protocol, so if it’s able to connect to Philips hue, then should definitely be able to be picked up by ZHA!

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