Zigbee coordinator CC2531 vs CC2652p experience

Hi I want to share my experience with the zigbee coordinator.
I have been using CC2531 for a long time.

  • It was cheap
  • With external antenna
  • supported zigbee2mqtt and many devices
  • was connected via a USB extension

Then, over time, it stopped working. It was always necessary to remove and insert the USB. It is now marked as an unsupported device on the official website.

I switched to CC2652p with 6dB antenna.

  • I recomend
  • signal stable
  • light flash
  • during the transition without problems. No device pairing was required. They all worked.
  • but it’s so expensive once.

I use two more tradify routers from ikei and Webee CC2530 + CC2591. They work great.