Zigbee Coordinator Default Channels

Kinda new to HA but loving it.

Set up a ZHA integration with a Nortek Stick and am looking to either move to Zigbee2MQTT or set up a separate Zigbee Network with Zigbee2MQTT while keeping the ZHA network in place. To begin this I ordered a SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 dongle to install on my VM along side (not physically) the existing Nortek Dongle.

I was curious what the default channel for HA ZHA vs Zigbee2MQTT is and if they are different? I want to be sure they are both on Different channels but have not been able to figure out what the current Nortek stick channel is or how to set the channel for the SONOFF stick when I install it?

I live in a pretty rural area so I do not have a lot of interference from other devices or neighbors devices so I assume my channel choices are pretty open. So what are best / “most compatible with many devices” channels to use??? I have a lot of Sengled Bulbs and Aqara Sensors if that helps/matters…

Thanks in advance!

ZHA defaults to 15, Zigbee2MQTT to 11.

For ZHA, 15 is OK, falling in between the WiFi 1 and 6 bands (assuming 20 mhz widths).

For z2m, 11 is a pretty bad default IMO, falling inside the WiFi channel 1 range. I would definitely change it.

Having both dongles on the same channel during a limited transition period wouldn’t be terrible, but I wouldn’t do it if plannng to keep both active. I left ZHA on 15, and put z2m on 25.

You’ve probably already seen this, it’s been linked a lot, but just in case you need to know how zigbee and WiFi overlap: https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203845040-ZigBee-and-Wi-Fi-Coexistence

There are plenty who would disagree especially since one common suggestion is “Set it to 11!”

Reason being if you see the metageek chart above zigbee 11 and Wifi2.5 11 do NOT overlap because they’re different arbitrary channel numbering sequences.

It really matters less what the default is just that if you’re using zigbee you need to care not only what channel your zigbee setup is using but what nearby WiFi sources use.

Even rural in the middle of nowhere.

OP is rural so can get away with 11/11, but it could be problematic in more congested areas.

I can control my own channels, but I don’t see the point of zigbee defaulting to a channel that is almost guaranteed to conflict with 1/3 of neighboring routers.

In my single family dwelling neighborhood, I’ve got to compete with 4-6 competing networks each at 1,6,11. 3 40mhz width nets that conflict with pretty much everything, and a couple of non 1,6,11 nets just to screw things up even more. God help folks in apartments and condos.

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I completely understand, and personally on my property I clear Wifi11 and set my zigbee channels as high as reasonably necessary because my neighbors apparently want to guide in spacecraft with a radio beacon you can see from Alpha Centauri on Wifi 1 and 6, and I can walk on wireless access points 'round these parts. My point is there’s no good single guidance except scan the area, check what’s up and consult that diagram - still the best one out there.

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Thanks so much for the responses. If ZHA defaults to 15 and Zigbee2MQTT defaults to 11 with no further changes from me, they should work fine. I have cleared my WiFi Network/Access Points from Channel 1 with the lowest currently being Channel 7. Looking on my phone with a WiFi analyzer app I only see one neighbor WiFi and it is around Channel 10 so I think I am OK for now. My closest neighbor is about 30 meters away (and I doubt is doing any smart home stuff) with the next being over 100 meters away. I guess time and testing will tell if this all works out!