Zigbee coordinator from CC2351 to TI cc1352p-2 - a recap

I finally took the time to switch my zigbee coordinator. I bought this TI one because my CC2351 was getting unstable after installing an Eurotronics zigbee valve (I guess it was the drop that spilled the bucket).

For zigbee2mqtt: used port ‘null’ for autodetect, with the database restore ‘trick’ and changing the pan_id as stated on the config page, here’s what I found:

  • Eurotronics Zigbee valve automatically got picked up, no re-pairing required
  • Xiaomi Mija sensors all needed to be re-paired but it was SO much easier than with the old CC2351 (with that one I usually had to try it a couple of times close to the coordinator for them to pair, here it went from first try even across my house)
  • 2 of my 5 ikea tradfri outlets re-paired immediately, for the other 3 I had to explicitly remove them from the network first for some reason
  • CC2351 router repaired immediately

Signal of many sensors went up by about 20-25. Note that this is with the PCB antenna, I still need to check what SMA antenna I should get.

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