Zigbee Device Become unAvailable sometimes

Hi again, im looking to understand why my battery devices sometimes becomes unavailable overnight. I have to go around and remove the battery on some or if its a contact sensor open the door.

Also in the Zigbee coordinator configuration, there are these 2 options. Would this have any affect on my battery devices?

Consider mains powered devices unavailable after (seconds)
Consider battery powered devices unavailable after (seconds)

This could be due to weak signal back to the coordinator, not sure if you have strategically placed routers around to help ( i.e. devices that plug into an outlet ) these devices act as repeaters. Also, this could be due to interference. Zigbee uses the 2.4 MHz spectrum, so your wifi router channel and your zigbee channel should be separated as far as possible. I hope this helps you narrow things down.

Hey Tiny,

so i have zigbee repeaters behind every light switch in the house, around 30 repeaters. it should be plenty.

Im thinking now that i have just done all my lights, i should rebuild my network, by starting with the repeaters first…??

Regarding my wifi channels im using deco x20 and there is no way to change the wifi channel.

If your Zigbee Router devices work properly then should be no need to re-pair as the mesh fixes itself.

As mentioned, one common issue is poor reception / interference on the side of the Zigbee coordinator.

Suggest you begin by follow some of these general recommendation before troubleshooting any further:

I would start by adding a long USB extension cable to get the Zigbee Coordinator a bit further away, and of course, make sure that you upgrade to the latest recommended firmware on your Zigbee Coordinator adapter.

As well as buy and add a few known good Zigbee Router devices (like the IKEA Tradfri Signal Repeater).

Also read the generic tips here:


Another tip is to shield your computer and USB devices or peripherals connected to computers as well as other appliances or cables/wires located close to your Zigbee Coordinator. As already established if you read those other tips, Zigbee radio can be very susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI, also called radio-frequency interference or RFI), and one very common source that generates electromagnetic fields is unshielded computers and unshielded peripherals so make sure that you use for example enclosures for external hard drives and single-board-computers that are made of metal instead of plastic. Especially known to have a huge interference impact on wireless devices using radio frequency like Zigbee radios are USB 3.0 devices/peripherals (for more details on that read white paper report on the subject by Intel at https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/327216.pdf).

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Hey Hedda

Appreciate the response!

Things I have done before posting:

  • Bought an extension cable
  • moved my Pi4 upstairs away from wifi AP, this put it in the centre of our house upstairs
  • every light switch has a zigbee module switch behind it, in total around 30
  • wifi 2,4 is on channel 2
    i have bought some more zigbee repeaters to plug in around the house

Im guessing the drop offs is because the mesh system could be repairing finding the best route etc.
Good news is i had an issue with this 1 zigbee module, that for the last 2 days could not get it past identifying device, but finally this morning it was configurable.

its just devices that have been working fine for weeks, just become unavailable

hoping its just repairing etc

Also on top of that i can only see that the connections from my Coordinator to the first repeaters is terrible. all white which is LQI of 60 or less by the looks of it.

I also have light bulbs that are acting as repeaters but as far as my research can show that arent supposed to be repeaters

This is why i wanted to repair each device fanning out from the coordinator…