Zigbee device effects once selected cannot be turned off

Just getting my feet wet with Zigbee2MQTT and an Enbrighten 43096 dimmer plug and have run into an odd problem.

The plug has an “Effect” menu button on the HA device pop-up with a bunch of effects capabilities like “blink”, ‘okay’, “breathe”, etc. These change the way the plug turns on with quick, consecutive changes in brightness - not something I’ll ever want to use.

The problem is that once an effect is selected there seems to be no way to deselect it. All that can be done is select another effect. A factory reset on the dimmer plug and removing it and re-adding it to HA should clear the problem, but at some point someone is going to select an effect again.

I thought I’d try to edit the effect list out of the two HA configuration files they’re listed in - “core.entity_registry” and “core.restore_state” in the /homeassistant/.storage directory, but a couple attempts at removing the entries have stopped HA from starting.

Is there a way to either remove the effects menu button completely from the device control pop-up, or to add a “clear” entry to the menu to allow the effects to be turned off?

Update: The device effects parameters shown in the Home Assistant control popup seem to be pulled from the device itself. Deleting the effects listing from the files they appear in (core.entity_registry & core.restore_state) has no effect.

Deleting the effects parameters in Developer Tools/States/Entity does remove the effects button in the control popup window, but only temporarily and the effects button comes back after a short time.