Zigbee device marked as "unresponsive"

Hi everybody.

I use a CC2531 Zigbee2MQTT key for my Zigbee devices.

Today I added a Philips E27 Bulb (https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0152WXI0E?ref_=pe_3044141_248816771_302_E_DDE_dt_1) identified in HA as “Philips Hue White Single bulb B22 (8718696449691)”

It works but in Zigbee2MqttAssistant devices page, bulb is always marked as “unresponsive”. I rebooted but always the same. I have other bulbs (OSRAM Smart+) or Plugs (Innr) that are electrically plugged and don’t have this problem.

Could you explain why I have this message, and how to solve it?

I have some devices that are sometimes ‘unresponsive’ as well. As long as they work, I don’t care. Does it not change when you switch the bulb on and off ?

Before switch on/off :


After switch on/off :


No, status stays unresponsive after switch on/off.

It’s weird because bulb works correctly.

EDIT: seems OK now… solved: