Zigbee device not pairing with Zigbee2MQTT

Based in this how-to, I bought this keypad on this website. According to the site of the vendor, the keypad supports Zigbee. But now I had a closer look, the how-to mentions the Climax KP-23EL-ZBS-ACE and I bought the Climax KP-23B-EL. I can imagine ZBS has something to do with Zigbee?

Does the keypad I bought have Zigbee and if so, how do I get the panel into pairing mode? It is not showing up in ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT.

After some googling, I found the definite answer that this device does not support Zigbee. I will return my order.

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I have been planning to setup an “Alarmo” alarm system in Home Assistant myself and have not yet found inexpensive Zigbee keypads for it inside the European Union, no luck finding cheap keypads here.

There apparently used to be quite a few less expensive Zigbee keypads in the United States / North America but none that are on sale for a good price online, or you need to find used ones from eBay US to import.

PS: Regardless, suggest you check out Alarmo custom component instead of the manual control panel:

I was about to suggest the Frient keypad, until I found out how much it costs. Ouch!

Edit: OK, I missed the fact that It was displaying prices in Polish Zloty. It’s less than €100 on Amazon Spain, so not that bad.

I am kown with Alarmo and I want to integrate it together with a physical keypad. A need the physical keypad because I find it easier to use than a tablet that needs power continuously or using your phone. Also for family or the neighbours it’s easier to use.

But like you said, I can’t find any good physical Zigbee keypads. The only one right now is the Frient one, but we don’t like the looks of it. But, if that’s the only option, then so be it for now.

Seen many Alarmo users instead recommend the Z-Wave based Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen), but that then adds the cost of a Z-Wave Controller if you do not already have one, (which I do but would personally prefer to have a Zigbee based option so can recommend with I use to Zigbee-only users).

“Centralite 3-Series Security Keypad”, “Xfinity Security Keypad” (Comcast TCH XHK1-TC, UEIXHK1-UE, or XHK2), and " AiDot Linkind Keypad" was older models that look to have only ever been sold as a Zigbee 1.2 models in North America, but I really like that style of those, (at least “look and feel” based on its pictures) and think such types would fit perfectly for a classic security alarm control panel:



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I totally agree on that one. I like Zigbee and these kinds of keypads do look nice and feel more like a “real” alarm keypad.

For example also these:

But nothing can be found in Europe.