Zigbee Device on Both ZHA and Echo (4th Gen)

I have my Zigbee’s (mix of Sonoff’s , Aqara’s) paired to Home Assistant via ZHA .Also many other Wi-Fi devices linked to Home Assistant via various Integrations like Sonoff , Tuya , Shelly, WeMo etc. I plan to get the new Echo 4th Gen with Zigbee. Would it be possible to pair them to the Echo and keep my existing zigbee linkages with Home Assistant via ZHA ? I would like to keep both the linkages active. My Wi-Fi devices are linked to both Home Assistant and the Alexa App (voice control) . Any guidance would be appreciated !!

No, zigbee devices can only be paired to one Zigbee coordinator.

Burningstone is correct. The solution you want instead is to connect Alexa to Home Assistant.