Zigbee device seems to miss feature

Not sure if this is the right place to ask or report this, if not, please let me know where to do so.

I have the ZHA integration running and it is working fine. I have for several led strips the MiBoxer FUT037Z+ led controller. This controller works on Zigbee and on a 2,4 GHz remote.

In HA all options are available except for so called modes. When I push on mode on the remote (button M), the led strip will do some effect (blink, pulse or whatever through various colors). Using plus or minus (S+/S-) the effect can go faster or slower. This option/control is missing in HA.

Via the developer tools I found the attribute Supported Features with a value of 40. According to this file, this means flash and transition are supported. Effects is apparently not supported (should be value 44 then).

Is there a way to change the value to 44 myself to test if this will give me control of the modes/effects, just like the remote? Or is there another way to get this control in HA?

Should I provide any more info, please let me know.