Zigbee devices not connecting to hub

Connected zigbee gateway hub to router. Recognises hub. All good. Attempt to connect another zigbee device as a sub device to hub. Won’t connect. But will connect as a seperate device in the app. Defeats the purpose of having a gateway if none of the devices will connect to it. They are specific zigbee devices i purchased to connect to gateway and not to router.
Any ideas?

We need a bit more information about the devices involved and your integration (ZHA or Z2M).

I purchased some window sensors, some tuya smart plugs (said they only work through a zigbee gateway). I watched a YouTube video on how to pair through the gateway and set up scenes. The video seemed to show once the gateway had paired, then you add a device as a sub device ie under the gateway not the router. They all work, but trying to offload the number of devices on the router.

OK, so you’re not using one of the Home Assistant integrations - you have a gateway from one of the manufacturers?

Main thing is they’re working! :grin:

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What device is your router ?

We can’t get nbn where we are. So i am using a small 4g modem. It has a LAN socket so i can hook in via an ethernet cable.
Is one of those small modems that you can take if you are travelling. Not the best i know. But it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

Then I wonder if they are not WiFi instead of Zigbee.

The box they all came in say must be used with a zigbee gateway.
I’m happy they are all working, but don’t want to overload the router.