ZigBee dimmer for 2 way switches


Anyone knows of a good a ZigBee dimmer that works with two way switches instead of push buttons (to be mounted behind the switch)?

Obviously I won’t be able to set the intensity by pushing the switch, but at least I avoid replacing all 4 spot lights with smart ones…

I looked at Sunricher and Wiser but both works with push buttons.

What do you mean by push button?
You mean you have to push the button to turn them on?
If so that is false.
I have a sunricher dimmer and the button is just momentary.
I haven’t tried, but I believe two of them could work in a group to control one lamp

Hi, I may have used the wrong term in English.

All my switches are the left ones, not the right ones :slight_smile:

Yeah… that is what a usual switch is.
But if you are planning on replacing that with a dimmer then what does that matter?

Maybe I’m not seeing something but usually you remove everything and install the dimmer in it’s place.

Yeah I agree, I don’t know how the others are called that is why I went with “push buttons”.

There are modules you can mount behind existing switches such as:


But they don’t work with classic switches as you can see in the installation guide (and the custom are service confirmed). I found Z-Wave that do the job but no ZigBee…

I’m not following.
Is a dimmer like this you want?

Or is it a behind the wall option you want?

Behind the wall :slight_smile: