Zigbee dimmer + led Triac driver for strip does not dim to max after being controlled From HA

Hello everyone!

I have a question about HA + idinio trailing edge dimmer + ledtstrip Triac driver + led strip.

When I turn on the electricity, and use manual dimmer for the first time - it simms to max and min and turns on and off, beautiful transition.

But when I do it via HA, or Google voice, like ‘dim to 50%’ it works, but it decides it is a nex maximum and never goes higher not manually not logically.

When I turn off electricity in the house and turn on again, dimms again to full brightness.

A couple thoughts
1 - a dimmer is recognized by HA as a floor dimmer and not as a wall dimmer
2 - brightness scale is recognized as 254 (have no idea though what it means yet)
3 - when I see messages they are coming and showing brightness at 3 as min, 254 as max, and around 130 as mid.

I use this dimmer also with halogen dimmable lamps and don’t have any problems.

This dimmer is the only affordable dimmer I can buy in the NL and plus it works with normal electricity plates from Gira Jung and etc. That’s why I choose it.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas - I would be super thankful!!