Zigbee dimmer with Calex lights

Does someone have experience with the Zigbee Dimmer in combination with Filament light bulbs from Calex?

I was not able to use the Fibaro Dimmer 2, The Qubina dimmer, or the Qubino Mini dimmer because the lights were flickering (even with a bypass) and it wasn’t stable or compatible with the Calex lights. So I saw a review online that the Zigbee Dimmer had no problem with dimming the Filament Calex lights.

Also, is it possible to control the lights with Google Assistant trough Home assistant?

Hi, how did you get on with your Calex lights? Mine fixer too. I’ve tried both the fibaro dimmer 2 and shelly dimmer 2, flixers on both.

I added Philips hue to my home assistant and bought a zigbee dimmer, didn’t want to replace my calex lights. No problem with dimming at all. Really happy I made the call to zigbee next to my zwave network. Also added a lot more zigbee devices, works even better than zwave.

Glad to hear you are happy with zigbee.
I’m building a house and am planning to use zigbee dimmers.
The only question mark I have is how they handle power cycles because we probably will have some outages. You have any info/experience about that? How do your dimmers handle it?

I don’t know where you live but here in the Netherlands we almost never have power outage. The only thing that we have is day and night usage. So the power plantage switch to night mode and that happens between 8 and 10 pm. On that moment de lights will be flickering a bit. But nobody notice, only me :wink: the lights will go a bit brighter and then switch back to the previous state.

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Oh, and if you are building a house make sure the wall boxes are big enough to fit the zigbee dimmer switches. They are bigger than the zwave dimmers. I’ve made that mistake with my new house. I wanted to control the light with a pulse switch but it doesn’t fit with a zigbee dimmer.

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I will be living in the wilderness in Sweden :slight_smile:
“Too bad” you don’t have any outages :wink:
Yeah I have heard that they are pretty big, thanks for the advice!
Don’t actually know if we have a night mode in Sweden.