Zigbee DIN Rail Switch

I am looking for affordable Zigbee switches for DIN Rail (Hutschiene) to replace the remaining Homematic ones in my home. They must be available in Germany and have a CE certificate for Europe.

So far I found the one from Ubisys which has a retail price of 119 EUR for 1 single channel at Amazon. Quite an amount of money, especially as I need 5 of them (or 1x 1-channel and 1x 4-channel). I’ve got the Homematic 4-channel-device for almost the same price.

Any alternatives?

How about the Zigbee version of the Sonoff Basic R3 with the optional DIN rail mount?

Maybe not the neatest of solutions but a fraction of the price you were looking at.

Alternitively if you have Z-wave (or can add a Z-wave radio) then this beastie could perhaps do the job:

Thanks for the hint, however - the Sonoff device has only 10A, I need full 16A. And I don’t have Z-Wave, sorry.

Hi. Did you ever find any zigbee DIN rail switches? I am also looking for them.

Only the one‘s from Ubisys, but I didn‘t buy them - way to expensive.

yeah, that price is a bit steep… I went through the zigbee2mqtt list of compatible devices and came across TuYa TS011F_din_smart_relay It can be bought from AliExpress for 21 EUR and it can handle 16A. I would like to buy a few of those… I don’t know if they have a CE certificate for Europe though… What do you think?

The product photo of Aliexpress shows a CE label on the front…

For me, I am sequentially replacing Homematic components once they break. „Unfortunally“ they are unreliable, but endurable.

Ah yes, it does indeed, I missed that… I bought one now that I will test out.

Did you test the Tuya relay?

I have received it and it looks nice. Unfortunately I have been busy with work so no time to test :frowning:

I have bought the Tuya device and it works perfectly with zigbee2mqtt. And does not get hot when I compare it to my Shelly switch.


Cool! I just tested mine out yesterday as well, it paired straight away with zigbee2mqtt. Looks very nice. I think I will buy a couple more.

I’m gonna buy 20 more for in the new house I’m building. For the dimmers I will use the Zigbee dimmer from Sunricher in a Din holder.

Is that actually a circuit breaker and not just a smart relay and meter? It does not look like circuit breaker to me… How do you arm or disarm that if the zigbee network goes down, or if the button breaks?

I’d rather have a separate smart relay and meter together with approved circuit breaker than replace everything with chinese unknown devices. Using something like this zigbee Din Rail WiFi Circuit Breaker Smart Timer Switch Relay Remote Control By tuya APP With Smart Home voice Alexa Google Home|Smart Home Control| - AliExpress

I am not replacing my circuit breakers with these units, that would be madness… I connected it after my circuit breaker and then the output from it goes to my water boiler. They work fine without the zigbee network, they can be turned on or off from the button. If the button breaks I guess I just have to remove it. But won’t you have the same problems with the module you posted? Only difference is that yours is using wifi instead of zigbee… And it is a bit more powerful, 40 A instead of 16 A…

I ordered one of the Tuya devices, sadly they can’t be used with a normal push button. The device is supplying it’s on power for the switch and can’t be used with a 230V switch.

The only alternative I have found is from Legrand and bit expensive (~70€): Legrand Connected DIN Relay 16A (412170) Zigbee compatibility

A smart impulse switch/relay as a drop in replacement would be really nice.